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Au Chocolat Bistro at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Au Chocolat Bistro at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

When the best friends asked where I would like to go to celebrate my birthday, I said “western brunch or hi-tea”. Days before our date, they flooded our Whatsapp group with instructions like “dress sportily”, “wear sports shoes” and “bring insect repellant”. Oh right. The last those things happened was when I agreed to go camping (yes, the tent kind of camping) with Galen at Pulau Ubin (yes, PULAU UBIN). All our friends agreed that I am his true love after that. Now, not again??

Au Chocolat Interior

Only on the very night before the date, I was told to dress “normally”. That still didn’t give me a clue where they were bringing me. So indeed, it was a very pleasant surprise when I saw Au Chocolat- what great difference the setting was from Pulau Ubin!

Au Chocolat's Danielle

Despite Au Chocolat’s French-sounding name, European décor and French cuisine, a quick check on Google revealed that it is actually a Singaporean brand. Think Raoul. Unlikely that you will associate it with Singapore upon hearing it right. But they both are. I guess that’s the ingeniosity of branding.

Au Chocolat Fresh Premium Coffee

We were first served the fresh, premium coffee that was free flow with the Weekend Brunch set (choice of a main course, dessert and beverage). The coffee was a huge disappointment- it was lukewarm and watered down. Even when we asked for it to be replaced, it still came lukewarm and bland. It is often the simplest thing that is the hardest to deliver, and Au Chocolat had failed terribly in the coffee.

Au Chocolat Truffle Fries

I have heard so much about Au Chocolat’s truffle fries ($15) but the coffee urged me to keep my expectations down lest I get disappointed. But boy, this is da bomb! This has got to be the BEST truffle fries in Singapore. There was a fair share of short and cripsy fries which I absolutely adore, and the truffle oil was evenly distributed and the proportion was just right. Truffle oil is really quite an acquired taste (Galen used to think that there was a gas leak whenever we have something with truffle) and I really liked this. This got me craving for truffle fries even until now!

Au Chocolat Duck Confit

What is French cuisine without duck confit ($27)? Au Chocolat has a pretty decent version of it- the duck mean was tender, juicy and well-flavoured, while the skin was with the right amount of fats, and very crispy. The skin and the meat came right off the bones and paired well with the tangy orange and chocolate sauce that is a signature of Au Chocolat. Amidst the creamy mashed potato were chunks of pear that were poached in white wine. Love the details and twist that made this national dish so un-ordinary.

Au Chocolat Smoked Salmon Crepe

Smoked salmon is my natural choice when it comes to savoury crepes, and me, being the queen of the day, got my way ($20). There was a generous portion of Norwegian smoked salmon not only on top of the crepe, but there were also chucks hidden in between. The cheese sauce was rich and creamy and the green apple sticks were a refreshing twist.

Au Chocolat Tower Cake

Au Chocolat’s signature tower cake ($18) is probably the most expensive slice cake that I have ever eaten. The tower cake had 6 (really tall) layers of moist chocolate cake filled with chocolate pearls and chantilly. It also came with warm and rich Au Chocolat fudge sauce and vanilla gelato, which I thought was a bit watery. The cake was really huge, it would probably take a party of 4 to 5 to finish it. The logic of “there is always space for dessert” simply does not work with this giant.

Food at Au Chocolat is on the pricey side. I would accrue 40% of the high price to the quality of the food and 60% to the rental at the exquisite The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. I would come back to Au Chocolat for its truffle fries and crepes, and when I do, I will remember to stay away from their coffee.

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Au Chocolat Marina Bay Sands

Bay Level L1-03 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
10am to 11pm dailt

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