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Carpenter and Cook at Lorong Kilat

Carpenter and Cook at Lorong Kilat

Carpenter and Cook at Bukit Timah serves excellent home-made breads, quiches, cakes and tarts. Really awesome. I am so glad that I made the choice to get out of bed early on my leave day to enjoy the yummy treats and amazing atmosphere at this artisan bakery cafe.

Teacups and Teapots Display at Carpenter and Cook

Lots of lovely teacups and teapots on display and on sale at Carpenter and Cook. Give me this, this, this and that, oh my, I want them ALL!

Coffee Machine at Carpenter and Cook

Decor at Carpenter and Cook

Every tiny detail at Carpenter and Cook adds a whole lot of charm to the entire place. We were totally sold. We made ourselves comfortable on a wooden-cushioned sofa at a corner and spent the next few hours soaking in the whimsical elements.

Sofa at Carpenter and Cook

Condiments at Carpenter and Cook

Carpenter and Cook makes each and every of their yummy treats- from savoury broiche and quiche to the delectable cakes, brownies and tarts. Gah, I want them all too!

Brioche Bun at Carpenter and Cook

I love the Smashing Savoury Broiche Bun ($6.50) at Carpenter and Cook. Generous filing of ham, spinach and tomatoes, lovingly wrapped in soft bun and topped with crispy cheese on top. Simply heavenly. A little on the small side, but maybe because I couldn't have enough of it.

Spinach Quiche at Carpenter and Cook

Galen likes his Quiche vegetarian- eggs, spinach and onions ($7.00). Carpenter and Cook serves their Cook's Amazing Quiche with rocket leaves and cherry tomatoes. Again, small, but lip-smacking.

Coffee at Carpenter and Cook

Coffees at Carpenter and Cook are served in jars. Simple but got me swooned over. Galen at his usual fix of Ice Long Black ($4) and found the blend and acidity of the coffee to his liking. I had my default Ice Latte ($6) and I liked balance of coffee and milk. Pretty huge glass (jar) for the price.

Carpenter and Cook Bukit Timah

Now, what's there not to love about this place? If I had to pick bones from an egg, I'll say the lack of Wifi. But that didn't stop us from spending a few hours at Carpenter and Cook- surfing (on 4G network), reading and chatting. We could practically stay there forever.

Desserts at Carpenter and Cook

And of course we had to try to desserts at Carpenter and Cook right? Home-made goodness is hard to come by these days with a dime a dozen cafes popping up everywhere. Kudos to the Cook at Carpenter and Cook for insisting on baking their own goodies! And yes, the coffee lasted us through the few hours- told you the jars were huge!

Lemon Cream Tart at Carpenter and Cook

Galen likes sour desserts, quite an oxymoron there isn't it, but who says that dessert has to be sweet? The lemon cream tart ($6.50) at Carpenter and Cook worked really well for us- perfect blend of sourness and creaminess- oh, so good!

Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Tart at Carpenter and Cook

I couldn't say no to chocolate and sea salt caramel, so when they are put together in a hard, buttery crust, I had to have it. The chocolate sea salt caramel tart ($6.50) at Carpenter and Cook is the one for me. The chocolate was smooth and velvety, and there was a generous amount of sea salt caramel that was a beautiful marriage of sweet and savoury. Ah, bliss!

Tiles at Carpenter and Cook

Carpenter and Cook is a good chapter in my West Side Story. Totally worth the effort of traveling all the way across the island. I am putting it as my personal mission to try every single home-made goody that they offer, once I come to terms with my wallet.

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Carpenter and Cook

19 Lorong Kilat #01-06 Singapore 598120
6463 3648
10am- 10pm (Tues-Sat), 10am-7pm (Sun), Closed on Mon

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