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Wild Honey at Scotts Square

Wild Honey at Scotts Square

Wild Honey was the unanimous choice of both my sister and aunt when I asked them to recommend a good all-day breakfast/ brunch place in town. Both were raving about the variety of their all-day breakfasts and the quality of the offerings, and were literally staring wide-eyed at me for not knowing/ having tried Wild Honey yet.

Wild Honey Scotts Square

Being wildly popular, only the branch at Scotts Square take in reservations. The original outlet at Mandarin Gallery only take walk-in customers. We made reservations 2 weeks in advance, and got a quiet table at a corner. My favourite kind of table in any restaurant. The veranda area of Wild Honey looked good too, especially if you like basking in sunshine and people-watching.

Wild Honey Table

Wild Honey Menu

The menu at Wild Honey is like an encyclopedia of the breakfasts served around the world. A very sumptuous encyclopedia. Everything sounds so delicious, I want them all! This is where good friends come in handy- "let's choose one each and then share!" was the order of the day. I like.

Wild Honey English Breakfast

The English breakfast ($24) at Wild Honey was a wholesome platter of goodness. The pork sausage and bacon was grilled very nicely- a little charred but still juicy and tender. The grilled potatoes and sauteed mushrooms were well flavoured. The scrambled eggs were creamy and paired really well with the soft fluffy brioche. Highly recommended if you're a heavy breakfast eater and want a full works that could last you through the day.

Wild Honey Crab Cakes

If you are in the mood for some exquisiteness and having something really out of your everyday breakfast routine, the Crab Cakes with Caviar ($38) would satisfy you. The crab cakes were generously packed with fresh crab meat and pan-fried to perfection. The crab cake sits comfortably in between a crispy english muffin and an egg benedict, topped with hollandaise sauce and caviar. Ah, such fine delights of life!

Wild Honey Scandinavian Breakfast

I must be a Scandinavian, the way I cannot resist salmon and potatoes. This has got to be the reason. I can eat this every morning, and I probably would not even know of this thing called the morning blues. The Scandinavian breakfast ($24) was a happy combination of grilled Norwegian salmon and fried potato rosti, and topped with hollandaise source. Perfect union of the two things that I like the most.

Coffee at Wild Honey

My favourite drink at Wild Honey was the cappuccino ($6). The coffee was smooth and frothy. The straws that came with the iced drinks were a winner- they immediately lift up my spirits the moment I saw them. So festive and so happy!

Wild Honey is a place of indulgence, on days where you'll like to pamper yourself with that perfect start, to replenish the mid-day drive, or to reward yourself after a long day at work. Be prepared to go on an exquisite culinary expedition at Wild Honey, in the comfort of the cushioned arm chairs of the cosy and homely place.

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Wild Honey at Scotts Square

6 Scotts Road #03-01 Singapore
6235 3900
9am-930pm (Sun-Thu); 9am-1030pm (Fri-Sat)

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