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Penny University at East Coast Road

Penny University East Coast Road

Joining the myriad of restaurants and the rich food heritage along East Coast Road is Penny University. With a name that sticks in the mind, coffee that warms the heart and pastries that satisfies the tummy, Penny University is easily the top of its class. Ivy league, I would say.

Penny University Artisanal Coffeehouse

Penny University Interior

The cement grey floors, woody brown furniture illuminated by orange lightbulbs at Penny University is a combination that worked really well for me. Warm, cosy and sort of like a time warp. Time seemed to slow down behind the glass door- no more incessant buzz of the traffic, people or cellphones. Just the therapeutic sounds of the coffee roaster, cash machine and 8tracks kinda music. I would love to take all classes at this University, and I would learn for life.

Penny University Coffee Roaster

From this small coffee counter and the short (limited) coffee menu, came the best artisan coffee that I have ever encountered in my cafe-hopping journey. The first sip shocked me- rudely. I thought to myself: (if you'll please allow me) this is sodamn, bloody good.

Penny University Expresso with Milk

The muddy expresso with cold milk at Penny University looked really tiny and unassuming, but I was very, very pleased with it. The coffee had the right acidity, the right texture, and in perfect proportions with the milk and ice. The taste was not compromised or watered down in the ice version. I would name this Kumory's favourite coffee, the one at Maison Ikkoku would now be my second.

Penny University Chai Latte

The Chai Latte is also another A-grader at Penny University. The chai taste is well-balanced with the milk coffee. Frothy, smooth and heart-warming. Perfect in this cooling January weather.

Penny University Cake Display

The cake display at Penny University got me all excited. All the cakes and tarts are sourced from cafes and bakeries around the area. Penny University also carries pies from Windowsill pies! We were having so much difficulties in choosing what we want- it was like choosing modules all again. But this time round, we were not sure if we had enough bid-points, cos there were no prices stated! But heck, I just want them all!

Penny University Avocado Cheesecake

We decided to go for the more exquisite and unique goodies at Penny University, and settled for the Avocado Cheesecake. It was a daring choice, I would say, given that both avocado and cheese are both milky and cheesy things that we would hardly think of putting together. But boy, the Avocado Cheesecake is a like a perfect union of the two- smooth, creamy and prefect with the buttery crust. And not a bit oily or overwhelming. Who knew that avocado can go well with cheese? Penny University knows, and now I do!

Penny University Snickers Tart

Ever since I had the chocolate sea salt caramel tart at Carpenter & Cook, I have been looking out for a contender. I found one at Penny University- the Snickers Tart.

Penny University Snickers Caramel Tart

Everything about the Snickers Tart at Penny University tells me its a straight As student. The crust was of all things buttery-chocolatey-cookiey- absolutely perfect. The filling was an amazing combination of dark chocolate, chocolate cream and caramel. There is really nothing not to love about this tart, except that one is not enough for me, and I would love to have a second or third piece, if my wallet and waistline allows it.

Penny University is my favourite cafe in my East Side story. The coffee and the pastries here resonate very well with me, and I love the cosy interior of the cafe. There is also free wifi, and it works reasonably well. Penny University is truly a gem along the East Coast Road stretch, and I can see myself re-visiting it and being wowed over and over again.

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Penny University

402 East Coast Road Singapore
830am-6pm (Tues-Thu); 830am-12am(Fri-Sat); 830am-9pm(Sun); Closed on Mon
No reservations

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