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Lady M Confections at One Fullerton

Lady M One Fullerton Singapore

Lady M Confections is classy, sleek and everything you want to love and emulate. Overlooking the picturesque Marina Bay Sands and the iconic merlion, Lady M exudes such elegance and poise that I felt like a royalty when I stepped into it - a princess I would love to think.

Lady M One Fullerton Singapore Cake Menu

Lady M One Fullerton Singapore Cake Display

Lady M hailed from New York, armed with a winning (lethal) combination of french artisan pastry techniques with Japanese sophistication and precision. Lady M took the world by storm with its Mille Crepe Cake- a first of its kind. On top of the crepe cakes, Lady M also has a range of delectable sweet treats that looked all so pretty and dainty. There are also savoury offerings at Lady M.

Lady M One Fullerton Singapore Savoury Menu

Lady M One Fullerton Singapore Signature Mille Crepe Cake

The Signature Mille Crepe Cake is the main reason why we arrived at Lady M for desserts. I mean, who else could exude the love and art of pastry making better than Lady M? Each layer of the crepe cake is handmade, layered with smooth light pastry cream, stacked neatly and nicely, and finally caramelised on the top till it is golden brown. It is indeed an art, really fine art. And it is this exact delicacy that caused such overwhelming commotion in our mouths. Ah, such beauty.

Lady M One Fullerton Singapore Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake and how well it is done is a true mark of a successful French-Japanese patisserie. Lady M's version of the strawberry shortcake put us on cloud nine with such fluffy vanilla sponge cake among clouds of lightly whipped cream. With fresh strawberries nestled in between, the strawberry shortcake was light, pure and my kind of paradise.

Lady M One Fullerton Singapore Cakes and Coffee

We also had an iced caffe to go along with the cakes. It was watered down and not up to my expectations. Anyhow, we still enjoyed the sweet delights and the dainty atmosphere at Lady M. In my opinion, the cakes that we had at Dulcet & Studio now pales (very much) in comparison. Furthermore, with its central location overlooking the beautiful skyline of the city, Lady M is clearly a winner. To top it off, the service was superb - we had attentive waitresses that promptly brought us the menu, the orders, and refilled our iced water even without us asking. Lady M is truly a class of its own.

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Lady M Confections

1 Fullerton Singapore #01-10
6820 0830
10am to 10pm daily

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