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Tom Yum Kungfu Mookata at Boat Quay

Tom Yum Kungfu Thai Mookata at Boat Quay

Mookata is the best invention of the Thais. Mookata is the second best Thai thing that I love, the first being Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok. I totally love the shopping and food in the land of smiles! Okay, I digressed. Let's come back to Singapore, Boat Quay- we were at Tom Yum Kungfu for their mookata!

Tom Yum Kungfu Mookata Boat Quay

Tom Yum Kungfu Mookata Boat Quay Interior

I love the feel of both the exterior and interior of Tom Yum Kungfu- retro, rustic and it made us feel like we were not in Singapore but in Thailand itself. The heat from the setting sun added on to the experience as well.

Tom Yum Kungfu Mookata Boat Quay Menu

Tom Yum Kungfu Mookata Boat Quay Ala Carte Set

The selection for the mookata ingredients were wide and varied. On top of the mookata ingredients, Tom Yum Kungfu offers cooked food as well. We were saving space for dessert after the mookata so we settled for the regular set without the mama noodles and a mango salad.

Tom Yum Kungfu Mookata Boat Quay Mango Salad

The mango salad was flavoursome and a tad spicy - which I loved - but I would have preferred the mango to be a little harder and crunchier. I loved the cashew nuts that topped the mango salad- they were roasted to perfection and had a nice crunch. Lethal combination!

Tom Yum Kungfu Mookata Boat Quay Thai Iced Tea & Lemongrass

Tom Yum Kungfu serves traditional Thai beverages too. We had the Iced Thai iced tea which was creamy and not too sweet, just the way we like it. The lemongrass was a tad watered down, but it was still a blessing in the blistering heat.

Tom Yum Kungfu Mookata Boat Quay Regular Set- Meat

Tom Yum Kungfu Mookata Boat Quay Regular Set- Veg

Our regular set was arranged very prettily in their carousels. The portion was just right for a party of 2 to 3. The variety was nicely distributed between the BBQ and the steamboat.

Tom Yum Kungfu Thai Mookata Boat Quay

Tom Yum Kungfu uses charcoal to heat up their mookata. The entire 'spaceship' was piping hot and radiating heat all around. But it is all worth it as the charcoal added such awesome flavour to the BBQ meat and created such awesome essence that slowly trickled and collected in the steamboat soup. Lip-smacking!

Tom Yum Kungfu Thai Mookata Boat Quay

The mookata at Tom Yum Kungfu is worth a visit, no, make it many visits. The meat is well marinated and the soup base flavourful. Be prepared to brave the heat and the smokiness and the greasiness, but oh well, it would be very worth it! Dinner starts at 6pm but they don't take in reservations so do go down early!

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Tom Yum Kungfu Mookata

16 Circular Road Singapore
1130am- 3pm; 6pm-1030pm (Mon to Fri); 6pm-1030pm (Sat-Sun)
6536 1614

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