Monday, 5 May 2014

Hong Kong - Kubrick Cafe & Bookstore at Public Square Street, Yau Ma Tei

Kubrick Cafe & Bookstore at Public Square St, Hong Kong

Kubrick may look unassuming at first sight- grey cement walls, grey mosaic tiles, dark tinted glass -  but beneath this simple facade lies a colourful, imaginative world that kept us captivated for the many hours that we spent there.

Kubrick Cafe & Bookstore Hong Kong Interior

Everything inside Kubrick was so unique and quaint, and it is exactly what you need to get lost and forget (temporarily) that you are in a fast-paced, impatient city. The tinted glass shut out the noise of the traffic, the buzz of the crowd outside, and transported us into a world where only prose and illustrations matter.

Kubrick Cafe & Bookstore Hong Kong Decor

Kubrick Cafe & Bookstore Hong Kong Books

The selection of books and magazines at Kubrick was wide and varied - ranging from English to Mandarin to European languages; from literature to graphics to self-help - it was a no wonder that the time that we spent there quickly amounted to hours. And we could not get enough of it.

Kubrick Cafe & Bookstore Hong Kong serves coffee and cake

Kubrick Cafe & Bookstore Hong Kong Menu

As if the books and magazines were not enough to capture our hearts (and time), Kubrick also serves coffee and cake to accompany you on your literary journey. There are also electrical plugs and wifi, so basically Kubrick is just screaming (silently) for you to stay for as long as possible- you have everything you need in this quaint, quiet space.

All I want (in this city of incessant traffic and crowds) is really just Kubrick. And I am sure that you would want it too - it is good to be disengaged (and engaged) sometimes.

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Kubrick Cafe & Bookstore

3 Public Square Street
Yau Ma Tei Hong Kong
1130am to 10pm daily

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