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Hong Kong - Queen's Garden at Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mongkok (皇后冰室)

Queen's Garden Sai Yeung Choi St Mongkok Hong Kong

Queen's Garden is a new addition along the famous Sai Yeung Choi Street in Mongkok, Hong Kong. It is right opposite Wah Sing Cafe (華星冰室) and proves to be a strong contender to the well-established cha chaan teng.

Queen's Garden Sai Yeung Choi St Mongkok Hong Kong Breakfast Menu

We were attracted by the big, tantalizing breakfast menu in front of the cafe, and the dark, mysterious interior.  We decided to deviate from our original plan of having our breakfast at Wah Sing Cafe as these photos and the interior proved too hard to resist (told you Queen's Garden is a strong competitor).

Queen's Garden Hong Kong Interior

Queen's Garden Hong Kong Table & Decor

I was in love with the setting and decor the moment I stepped into Queen's Garden. Major difference from the other cha chaan tengs- the booth seats were covered with lush, soft cushions. No handwritten, loud menus on the walls, but cool cement grey, with whimsical decorations all over. And boy, I loved the table top. They were covered with the most insanely beautiful tiles and it instantly perked my morning up.

Queen's Garden Hong Kong Breakfast Noodles Set

Now, doesn't this just perk you up like to the moon and back?  This is how breakfast should be like everyday! Everything on the table was just so bright and cheery, and with the beautiful, beautiful tiles, they were so pretty that we almost couldn't bear to eat them. We were literally taking a morning stroll down the pretty Queen's garden!

We ordered the breakfast noodle set at Queen's Garden. Not only could we choose the mains that come with it, we even had the option of the type of noodles and the soup! We decided on spaghetti in cream pumpkin soup with bacon and luncheon meat. The soup was a sweet delight in the morning and was a good balance to the processed meat that were a lil sinful but oh so good. Very hearty and very wholesome!

Queen's Garden Hong Kong Breakfast Noodles Set Fried Fish

And wait, that was not just all, the noodles set also came with a big slice of fried fish too! We liked the batter, and the fish was so fresh and soft, it melted right in our mouths. Delectable, everything was delectable!

Queen's Garden Hong Kong Milk Tea

I really, really adored these gorgeous tiles that lined the table tops at Queen's Garden. It made me want to stay in there forever. And it also helps that Queen's Garden makes some mean Hong Kong milk tea. Thick but still very smooth and fragrant. Everything that you see here completes the breakfast noodles set at Queen's Cafe and it only cost us HKD32! Such great value, in such great atmosphere!

We were really glad that we stumbled upon Queen's Garden and made the choice of trying it out even though the lure of the well-received Wah Sing Cafe was very intense. Queen's Garden is the new kid on the block worth watching out for. If you are looking for a different breakfast experience in Hong Kong - no scrambled eggs, no screaming waiters, no screeching metals chairs - Queen's Garden is the place to be.

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Queen's Garden (皇后冰室)

194 Sai Yeung Choi Street
Mongkok Hong Kong
7am to 1130pm daily

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