Friday, 4 July 2014

Bangkok - Mango Tango at Siam Square

Mango Tango Siam Square Bangkok

Mango Tango is located futher down from Som Tam Papaya Salad Restaurant, on the road perpendicular to the soi (streets) of Siam Square. The bright chandelier of made with yellow mangoes was very eye-catching, and to us it exemplified the creativity and artistic flair of the Thais.

Mango Tango Siam Square Bangkok Interior

The tiny space inside Mango Tango was bursting with neon lights, colourful wall murals and merchandises that scream creative hipster. We loved the vibe and vibrance that the dessert shop exuded. We got in straight after a downpour, and once again we found ourselves lucky that we could get a table without having to bear long queues that are usually seen here at Mango Tango.

Mango Tango Siam Square Bangkok Menu

As its name suggests, Mango Tango serves all things mango. They pride themselves in serving the best mangoes in Thailand. Everything on the menu looked so vibrant and yummy, but we noticed that they do come with a hefty price tag with prices averaging at THB 100. Mangoes are expensive ingredients afterall we do recognize, and we saved our judgement till we have tasted it.

Mango Tango Siam Square Bangkok Mango Tango Dessert

We ordered a Mango Tango (THB 140), which is the perfect combination of mango pudding, mango ice-cream, fresh mango and sticky glutinous rice. Mango Tango certainly did not overpromise when they say they source for the best mangoes in Thailand. The fresh mango was bursting with flavour - it was so juicy and so so sweet. And of course, with the best ingredients, Mango Tango is able to make sensational desserts out of them. The mango pudding was packed with bits of fresh mangoes, and went really well with the creamy pudding. My favourite of them all was the mango icecream - it was like liquified mango that melted right away in my mouth, leaving behind a sweet, sweet fragrance. Sensational indeed!

Mango Tango Siam Square Bangkok Mango Tango Sensational Dessert

This was indeed a perfect combination - heavenly in fact. Given the quality of the mangoes, and the passion that we could feel put into the mango desserts, we would say that Mango Tango is definitely worthy of the hefty price tag. Mango desserts of this quality would definitely cost much more elsewhere, and we were glad that we found Mango Tango in Bangkok.



Mango Tango

Soi 5 Siam Square
Siam Bangkok
10am to 10pm daily

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