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Yogyakarta - Boutiques, Street food & Cafe at Jalan Cenderawasih

Just a 3 minute walk from Tigalima Homestay is Jalan Cenderawasih. It is a stretch that has all that you need to fully satisfy your desire to: 1. Shop where the hip locals shop 2. eat where the locals eat 3. chill where the locals chill.

Shop where the hip locals shop

Boutiques at Yogyakarta Jalan Cendrawasih

Jalan Cenderawasih is filled with little boutiques, each carrying its own unique line of clothings, shoes, bags and accessories by local fashion designers. Each boutique is tastefully decorated and exemplifies the immense creativity of the artist. Prices ranges from IDR 12,000 for a tee-shirt to IDR 25,000 for a dress- of great design and quality material. This place is very much like Haji Lane in Singapore, sans the pricey price tag.

Eat where the locals eat

Street Food stall at Yogyakarta Jalan Cendrawasih

Soto Ayam at Yogyakarta Jalan Cendrawasih

Amidst the hip boutiques at Jalan Cenderawasih are very down-to-earth street food stalls that fill the tummies of the locals. Food is freshly prepared from a wooden cart- ingredients neatly laid out; soup perpetually boiling on a charcoal stove. Soto Ayam is an interesting mix of rice, vermicelli, chicken shreds and beansprouts in a rich chicken stock. Lime and chili is added to enhance the flavour of the soup. The Soto Ayam at Jalan Cenderawasih is very, very homely, just like what your mummy will cook for you when you're sick in bed, and you'll get revitalized immediately! The bowl cost IDR 7,000 while the home-made ice tea is IDR 2,000.

Mee Bakso at Yogyakarta Jalan Cendrawasih

RRI Mee Bakso at Yogyakarta Jalan Cendrawasih

Next to the Soto Ayam stall at Jalan Cendreawasih is a stall selling meatball noodles- Mee Bakso. Mee Bakso is another staple food for the locals. Other than meatballs and noodles, the bowl is also filled with taupok, crisps and fried dumpling. The beef balls are juicy and bouncy, the soup rich in flavour, and the crisps remain crispy in the soup! This wholesome bowl of goodness is IDR 11,000. Galen and I think that this stall at Jalan Cenderawasih has the best Mee Bakso in Yogyakarta!

Chill where the locals chill

Lagani Coffee Yogyakarta Jalan Cendrawasih

Lagani Coffee Counter Yogyakarta Jalan Cendrawasih

Interior of Lagani Coffee Yogyakarta

Chilling at Lagani Coffee Yogyakarta Jalan Cendrawasih

Lagani Coffee is among the boutiques and street food stalls along Jalan Cenderawasih. It is definitely a good place to rest your feet in between the shopping and a perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon. The cafe is fully air-conditioned and has a very good wi-fi connection. There is a wide and interesting selection of hot and cold coffees, with price ranging from IDR 12,000 to IDR 19,000. The java chip mocha and red velvet smoothie did not disappoint us, and were good companions as we read and surf in Lagani Coffee for an entire afternoon.

Jalan Cenderawasih is an eclectic stretch that engages all your senses. Be it the sight of juxtaposed shops; the taste of homely soups, the smell of artisan coffee;  the buzz of incessant traffic; the blend of old and new- you can find it all here.


Barokah Soto Ayam
RRI Mee Bakso
Address: Corner of Jalan Cenderawasih and Jalan Affandi (Gejayan), Yogyakarta

Lagani Coffee
Address: 4 Jalan Cenderasih, Yogyakarta

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