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Yogyakarta - Seafood Suka Mampir: A Review

Street food, like street art, tells stories of a place. Yogyakarta's street food taught Galen and I three things: 1. We are big eaters; 2. There's no need for variety if you're good at what you do; 3. It is perfectly safe.

Yogyakarta Street Food Cart

Yogyakarta Street Food Stall

A majority of our meals in our 9 days in Yogyakarta was spent at street food carts or street food stalls. We ate what the locals eat, alongside the locals. We wandered around alot on foot, and chanced upon this magical stall:

Yogyakarta Seafood Suka Mampir

Yes! Seafood! Galen could not let any chance of seafood pass - and of course we had to try eating seafood at a street food stall!

Table at Seafood Suka Mampir Yogyakarta

Menu at Seafood Suka Mampir Yogyakarta

With the help of my Indonesian-English dictionary app, we managed to decipher the menu. Or so we thought. We went: 'Kepiting' is crab; 'rebus' is the 'rebus' from 'mee rebus' so it must mean crab with spicy sauce. Okay, kepiting rebus then!

Yogyakarta Kepiting Rebus (Steamed Crab)

Er, this was totally not what we expected! It turned out that 'Kepiting Rebus' means steamed crab and at this point, we thought, crap, steamed food at street food stall- would it be okay? It was wayyyyy more than okay! The crab was really fresh and sweet! The flesh was tender and juicy with a hint of ginger. Galen proudly proclaimed it as one of the best crab he's ever had as a seafood connoisseur!

Cumi Rebus Yogyakarta (Steamed Squid)

And so the squid came steamed too, and not with the spicy sauce that we thought it would be. This did not disappoint too. We could literally taste the sea!

On subsequent days, we kept going back to try different dishes- cumi goreng tempur (fried squid) and udang goreng tempur (fried prawn). They were all really awesome!

Cumi Goreng Yogyarkata (Fried Squid)

Udang Goreng Yogyakarta (Fried Prawn)

Our favourite was still the steamed crab- Kepiting Rebus! We went back for it almost every other night, so much so that the stall owners recognised us and would give us the thumbs up whenever we go!

Kepiting Rebus Yogyakarta 1

Kepiting Rebus Yogyakarta
Kepiting Rebus Yogyakarta - Packed

The standard was consistent each time we went. Our appetites grew more and more insatiable, and we even did take-away on a few occasions to enjoy the crabs in the comfort of our homestay.

Row of Street Food Stalls in Yogyakarta

Seafood Suka Mampir is highly recommended to all- whether or not you are a seafood lover. It is truly an experience having your meals on the streets, what more seafood! The steamed crab, Kepiting Rebus is a must-have at this stall. Try it, and fall in love with it like we did.

Yogyakarta Food Blog Review by Kumory


Seafood Suka Mampir

Along Jalan Dr. Wahidin, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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