Thursday, 28 November 2013

Yogyakarta- Kopi Joss: Charcoal in My Coffee!

A good part of our time in Yogyakarta and the money in our pockets were spent on trying every street food that we saw while walking to our destinations. Yes, we walked everywhere in Yogyakarta. The record was an astonishing 16km on our second day, when we found our favourite seafood in Yogyakarta at an unassuming food stall along Jalan Dr Wahidi. What a treasure! All the walking paid off, for we also found our favourite coffee after a long day of walking and hanging out at Jalan Malioboro.

Yogyakarta Train

On the way back to Tigalima Homestay from the bustling Jalan Malioboro is the Yogyakarta Train Station, also known as Tugu Yogyakarta. The tracks are free for pedestrians to cross, unless of course when a train is pulling in or out of the station. Beyond this whizzing train lies Jalan P. Mangkubumi, which was teeming with life in the depths of the night.

Yogyakarta Kopi Joss Stall

Yogyakarta Kopi Joss Crowd

The offerings here are simple- hot and cold beverages, bite-size snacks. Awesome stuffs to sip and nibble while catching up with friends well into the wee hours of the morning. All these while sitting cross-legged on a rattan mat on the pavement next to rows of neatly parked motorcycles.

Yogyakarta Kopi Joss Menu

Yogyakarta Kopi Joss Snacks

You are free to pick the fried snacks that you want, or simply choose the small packets of rice with chicken or fish wrapped in banana leaves. These of course, are just secondary. The main highlight would be Kopi Joss. Unique to Yogyakarta, it is an unusual brew of coffee with a secret ingredient- flaming hot charcoal!

Yogyakarta Kopi Joss Kettle

Yogyakarta Kopi Joss - Coffee with Charcoal

Water for the coffee is boiled on a charcoal stove. The very same charcoal that is used to boil the water for your coffee is added right into your coffee. Yes, right into your coffee!

Yogyakarta Kopi Joss - Charcoal in my coffee!

Charcoal in the Kopi Joss supposedly neutralises the acidity of the coffee, making it easier for our tummies. The Kopi Joss was smooth, and had a little, just a little woody scent. The coffee was sweet, but just the right amount of sweetness (and excitement) to keep us awake for some midnight conversation. There is also the milk coffee version- Kopi Susu Joss, but we stuck to the real thing (without milk) to get the complete kick.

Yogyakarta Kopi Joss Charcoal Bits

The novelty of Kopi Joss would stay for a long, long time. Maybe this is not even novelty, character perhaps? Coupled with the lively atmosphere and the experience of chilling right on the pavement by the roadside, we kept going back for more Kopi Joss.

Yogyakarta Food Blog Review by Kumory

Kopi Joss

Along Jalan P. Mangkubumi
Evening onwards

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