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Yogyakarta - Nanamia Pizzeria

Neither Galen nor I has set foot on the continent of Europe. We would, definitely/eventually. Until then, we would give Nanamia Pizzeria in Yogyakarta the honour of being our favourite Italian restaurant. It's so yummy I'm drooling as I'm writing this!

Nanamia Pizzeria Yogyakarta Jogja

Nanamia is located near Jalan Cenderawasih and is a good place for dinner after all the shopping at local boutiques and tea at the hipster cafes. Galen and I walked to Nanamia from our homebase at Tigalima Homestay and it took us only about 10 minutes. We arrived slightly after 5pm as we intended for an early dinner, and the alfresco area was already full.

Yogyakarta Nanamia Pizzeria Menu

Yogyakarta Nanamia Pizzeria Menu - Additional Menu

The menu is a beautifully typewritten pamphlet that guests can take home. Nanamia has an extensive selection of pizzas, pastas and paninis and an additional menu that features the chef's recommendations and new creations. Spiciness level of the dishes are clearly labelled, and there is a fair share of vegetarian options too. There's something for everyone!

Yogyakarta Nanamia Pizzeria Coaster

Yogyakarta Nanamia Pizzeria Drinks

Galen and I have a sour tooth when it comes to beverages. Milky tooth for me sometimes hee. Anyway, very naturally, the Poco Zenzero and Pome Menta were screaming "Choose us, choose us!" Poco Zenzero was a interesting blend of apple, cucumber and ginger. I never thought that cucumber and ginger could go so well together, perhaps due to the popular chinese belief that cucumber is 'cooling' while ginger is 'heaty'. However, sometimes it takes both ends of the extremes to make an excellent average.  Poco Zenzero is definitely one of those. The Pome Menta, a blend of apple, melon and mint, also satisfied my milky tooth. The mint added a level of crisp to the froth of apple and melon- awesome!

Spread at Yogyakarta Nanamia Pizzeria

Like the other restaurants in Yogyakarta, all the dishes were served at the same time. This saves the awkwardness of conversations like: "You can start first"; "Oh, it's okay, I'll wait for yours to be served too"; "Oh no, I don't mind, you can start eating"; "Oh, it's fine, really"... okay you get the idea.

Pesto Pasta Yogyakarta Nanamia Pizzeria

Galen had the Felluccine el Pesto- a very fine blend of fresh basil, garlic, parmesan and pinenut. This is very unlike the pesto sauce that we had before- it is light, yet flavourful at the same time. The hint of pinenuts gave a very rounded and smooth aftertaste.

Salmon Pasta Yogyakarta Nanamia Pizzeria

I can never say no to chilli, salmon or cream pasta, so the natural choice for me was Penne Salmone, without a second thought. I'm usually not a fan of penne but this totally debunked my impression of them being hard and dry on the inside. The penne was soft, yet not mushy, and the insides were generously filled with spicy cream sauce. The salmon cubes were perfect too- soft and flaky, cooked to the T!

Pizza Yogyakarta Nanamia Pizzeria

I wanted mushrooms in the pizza while Galen wanted beef, so we settled for the Calzone al Forno which had those with fresh tomatoes, paprika, onion and mozzarella. Lots of mozzarella in fact. The crust of the pizza was thin and crispy, with a hint of the wood from the tradtional woodstove that Nanamia prides themselves in. This is easily one of the best pizzas that we have ever had!

Desserts Yogyakarta Nanamia Pizzeria

Coffee Yogyakarta Nanamia Pizzeria

We stayed at Nanamia until after sunset (the lighting says it all). Dessert was creme brulee which was another perfect execution. The custard and caramel was a heavenly match which melted in our mouths almost as immediately as it melted our hearts. Really. The coffees were such lifesavers too, we were beginning to miss good Italian coffee and these totally rocked it for us.

Nanamia Pizzeria is a must-go in Yogyakarta. A must-must-must-go. Not to be missed. Or you'll live to regret. And did I mention that it is very affordable too? For the huge spread that we had, the total was about IDR180,000. Now, just put Nanamia on your wanderlust list already.

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Nanamia Pizzeria

Jl. Moses Gatotkaca B 10-17, Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia
+62 274 556494

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