Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Yogyakarta - Prambanan Temple

After Borobudur, the driver arranged by Tigalima Homestay drove us to Prambanan. Prambanan is 17km away from Yogyakarta city, and very near Yogyakarta's Adisucipto International AirportThere are travellers who choose to visit the temples of Prambanan right after touching down. Galen and I preferred to have a day of cultural immersion at these two UNESCO world heritage sites.


Unlike Borobudur which is a buddhist monument, Prambanan is made up of Hindu temples. Borobudur was completed in 825AD, and soon after, Prambanan in 850AD. Both were massive religious complex, coupled with their existence in close proximities, tell the conflict of religions in Central Java at that time. Anyhow, it is true beauty to see both the Buddhist and Hindu structures intact, loved and protected in the Islamic country now. (World peace yeah, oops, couldn't resist it.)

Prambanan tickets

The admission ticket to Prambanan is IDR165,000 for foreigners. An astronomical sum too but oh well, I would look at it as contributing to the preservation and restoration of the site. Many of the structures were destroyed by eruptions of Mount Merapi, earthquakes, deterioration and of course, temple raiders.

Temples of Prambanan

Prambanan Shiva

Each temple houses a different deity. The architecture is amazing- it is cooling inside each temple though it was scorching hot (the heat was seeping through my soles to my feet can you imagine), and the sunlight just falls perfectly on the statue of the deity through the tiny entrance.

Yogyakarta Prambanan

Yogyakarta Prambanan Walls

Every wall is etched with stories and sightings. Another remarkable exhibit of the creativity and craftsmanship of the artisans of that time.

Yogyakarta Prambanan Candi Shiva Notice

Yogyakarta Prambanan Candi Shiva

Right at the centre of the Prambanan complex is the temple of Lord Shiva. It is also the largest remaining temple, standing at 47m. We were given safety helmets before entering the premises, for protection against falling rocks and whatnots. But nothing happened, and we were exploring all the crocks and crannies of the temple looking like Bob the builder.

Yogyakarta Prambanan Complex

The Prambanan complex is surrounded by lush greenery perfect for a picnic. Galen and I enjoyed our Walls Magnum icecream while taking in this view. View of quiet majesty, view of serene triumph.

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