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Butter Studio at Jalan Besar

Butter Studio Jalan Besar

Butter Studio is located along Jalan Besar, just a few steps from the famous Swee Choon Dim Sum Restaurant. The yellow sign and yellow bicycle right in front of the cafe cannot be missed.

The besties and I chanced upon this cafe while looking for a place to chill and chat after a meal at Swee Choon. Butter Studio is the new kid on the block, having opened just a few months ago. It promises the finest quality and recipes that withstood the test of time.

Butter Studio Menu

Butter Studio Cake Display

There was noone in the cafe when we arrived at 7.30pm on a Friday night. While we were relieved that we could get some peace, we were also skeptical about the food and drinks. How can a cafe be this empty on a weekend?

Butter Studio Cupcakes

Butter Studio Tarts

The cupcakes and tarts looked absolutely tantalizing in the display. The cute designs, the burst of colours, the chocolately swirls all went well against the grainy wooden blocks. But that was mostly it. Just a feast on the eyes, and not at all on the tongue.

Chilling at Butter Studio

Butter Studio Ice Latte

The Ice Caramel Latte ($6.50) at Butter Studio was a huge disappointment. It tasted more like coffee-flavoured water loosely paired with some white liquid. There was no scent of the beans, no creamy milk texture and not even a hint of caramel. It was like just some light brown precipitate in a clear glass.

Butter Studio Belgian Choc Tart

The belgian choc tart ($6.90) did not lift up our spirits after the ice caramel latte. There was nothing belgian about the chocolate. It tasted like cheap chocolate- the kind you find wrapped as gold chocolate coins or in between airy waffle cookies. The tart crumbled very easily and it was just like butter and sugar loosely combined. This tart is nowhere comparable to the sea-salt caramel tart and the lemon cream tart at Carpenter & Cook. In fact, the tart at Butter Studio failed miserably.

True enough for Butter Studio, the company that I had gathered around the table was all I needed. Good food on the table is pretty non-existent. Butter Studio is good if you need a quiet place to chill and talk after that full dim sum meal at Swee Choon. That said, it's better to go to Butter Studio with a full stomach and little expectations.

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Butter Studio

147 Jalan Besar Singapore
12pm-11pm (Sun-Mon, Wed-Thu); 12pm-12am (Fri-Sat); Closed on Tues

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