Monday, 30 December 2013

Dulcet & Studio at Liang Court

Dulcet & Studio Liang Court

Liang Court is about all things japanese, and this new cafe at the corner opposite Macdonald's is no exception. Dulcet & Studio serves japanese styled chiffon cakes, iced-coffees and spaghetti. Dulcet & Studio is part of the Tampopo Group that brings us Tampopo Restaurant and Tampopo Deli. With such track records, it's a no wonder Dulcet & Studio is able to deliver.

Dulcet & Studio Menu

Apart from the tantalising chiffon cakes basking in the cake display, Dulcet & Studio also serves main courses. They are also having an all-day happy hour promotion for beers. Now, japanese cakes, japanese cuisine and japanese booze all in one place- awesome or what! 

Dulcet & Studio at Liang Court Singapore

The besties and I headed to Dulcet & Studio after our steamboat and manicure session at Hai Di Lao Hot PotThe place is bright, spacious and airy- a cozy hangout with the best friends and also a good place to have large gatherings.

Japanese cuisine has this subtle charm that quickly overwhelms me whenever the items are presented. The desserts at Dulcet & Studio looked so pretty, I almost didn't bear to destroy it. But of course they are better in my tummy, and I'll be equally happy too!

Dulcet & Studio Strawberry Shortcake

The strawberry shortcake ($6) was a little too dry for my liking. Chiffon cakes are supposed to be really soft and moist right? As you can see, the bottom of the cake was a tad brown and not as fluffy as the top. The cake was pretty uneven and the saving grace was the light cream that went really well with the strawberries (and the top half of the cake). 

Cream Puff at Dulcet & Studio

At $3, Dulcet & Studio's cream puff wins the award of being the most worthwhile dessert in an upmarket atas cafe. Crispy, fluffy and creamy- all my favourite textures happening in my mouth at the same time- such a winner!

Dulcet & Studio Milk Tea Pudding

The milk tea pudding ($3.30) was easily one of the best- the pudding was very smooth and the tea flavour was some awesome possum. Super addictive and I found myself going for scoops after scoops. And very value-for-money too!

Ice Latte at Dulcet & Studio

Ginger and Lemon Tea at Dulcet & Studio

The Ice Cafe Latte ($7) was a tad too watered down for my liking, and a little expensive as compared to the normal cafe prices. The Ginger Lemon Tea ($4.50) worked its wonders for us in this cold rainy weather. Really refreshing and light.

Dulcet & Studio is an added incentive to visit the Japanese enclave here at Liang Court. This no-frills and contemporary cafe is a winner when it comes to serving value for money and quality cakes and puffs in a cosy atmosphere.

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Dulcet & Studio

Liang Court #01-41 Singapore
11am-10pm (Mon-Fri); 10am-11pm (Sat); 10am-930pm (Sun) 

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