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Coocci Contemporary Japanese - Exquisite Hawker Fare

Coocci Contemporary Japanese Commonwealth Crescent Market

Who would have guessed that this is a store front at a hawker centre? Nestled among the typical hawker stalls at Commonwealth Crescent Market is Coocci Contemporary Japanese. This stall is hard to miss with its zen decor and atas-looking menu. The menu is simple, pick any dish from 1 to 8, or just everything because all of them look so good!

Spread at Coocci Contemporary Japanese Commonwealth Crescent Market

We went for number 1, 2, 3, not just because we love the numbers, but because number 4 was sold out. Such a bummer; both of us love dumplings and soup and the Tortellini Chicken looked just like our kind of thing.

Coocci Contemporary Japanese Chicken Roulade

Coocci number 1 is Chicken Roulade ($5). The soup looks unassuming but it was sweet and rich- pumpkin based! Such a delightful discovery. The somen (think thin ramen, like wanton mee) was bouncy, and the roulade (rolled and stuffed chicken) was smoky and flavourful. Glad we managed to get the third last bowl of this!

Coocci Contemporary Japanese Spicy Fettucine

Coocci number 2 is Spicy Fettucine ($5). The fettucine had the right texture and there was a generous amount of minced chicken in the mildy spicy bolognese sauce. The spring onion was a good twist and enhanced the flavour of the tomato-based sauce. Loved it as it was piping hot! I'm very particular about food being piping hot, I guess I just like the warm feeling in my tummy heh.

Coocci Contemporary Japanese Tori Nanban

Coocci number 3 is Tori Nanban. The chicken meat was juicy and tender while the skin was ccccrispy! The meat was well-marinated and went well with the home-made tartar sauce. This came with a bowl of japanese rice and a tofu salad, both exuded the simplicity of Japanese charm. Sometimes the simplest thing is also the toughest thing.

The quality of Coocci Contemporary Japanese would not disappoint you. A must-go! And you must go there early, and try everything from 1 to 8 if you can!

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Coocci Contemporary Japanese

Commonwealth Crescent Market #02-92 Singapore 140118
12pm-3pm, 6pm-9pm (Closed on Mondays)

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