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Momma Kong’s: Free Flow Chilli & Black Pepper Crab

Momma Kong's Promotions

I was looking for a place to bring Galen - celebration of his freedom, and motivation for his upcoming projects. I really admire his courage for taking such a huge step to pursue what he really likes to do, and not just going with the flow (like me). Anyhow, such a milestone must be wildly celebrated, and what could do better than free flow crab and alcohol?!

Momma Kong's Exterior

Momma Kong's Crab Shack

Momma Kong’s Crab Shack is nestled among the shophouses at Mosque St in Chinatown. They don’t have the typical large vertical signboard hanging by their shophouse unit, but you can just look out for Da Tong Bing Jia, the traditional pastries shop. You won’t miss the big, red and bolded Chinese characters. I love the juxtaposition of the old, traditional bakery and the modern, hippie watering hole.

Momma Kong's Interior

Momma Kong's Bar Counter

The interior of Momma Kong’s was simple, Ikea-esque furniture still exuding the woody Ikea smell (you know what I’m referring to right?). Whimsical elements of mismatched chairs and rubber duckies were also present. Soccer fans would rejoice at their live telecast of soccer matches, and their happy hour promotion of one-for-one alcoholic drinks (which is like 50% off when other places are giving 25% off at most??). And yes, you’re right, the iMac at the bar counter is showing the count-down timer for the Free-Flo MmmMom-Bo Sunday- Momma Kong’s monthly free flow crab and alcohol event, complete with retro Mambo songs!

Momma Kong's Free-Flo MmmMom-Bo Sunday Menu

Momma Kong’s Free-Flo MmmMom-Bo Sunday (say “Free Flow Mambo Sunday”) happens on the first Sunday of every month. It features free flow servings of their Chilli crab and Black Pepper crab (the other two that is available on their ala-carte menu are Steamed crab and Crab Bee Hoon Soup), side dishes like their home-made ikan billis and spicy topshells, and happy food like fried mantou, French fries and chicken chunks. On top of all these, if it is not already tantalising, is unlimited beer, wine and whisky!

Momma Kong's Pierre Jean Colombard Chardonay 2011

Momma Kong's Nikka Black Clear

We had the white wine- Pierre Jean Colombard Chardonay 2011 from France, and whisky on rocks- Nikka Black Clear from Japan. The white wine was not unlike the white wines that I’ve had before (hey I’m not a wine expert), but the whisky was noteworthy! I think it exuded the charm of Japanese culture – subtle and light (not obvious/ in your face), yet impactful and memorable. I highly suggest that you give this Nikka Black Clear Whisky a try and you can thank me after that hee.

Momma Kong's Side Dishes

We were served side dishes first, and Galen and I were pretty shocked at the presentation of the food. They came in aluminium boxes, the very same kind that you’ll find in the supermarket’s freezer section used to contain pound cakes (think Sara Lee). Well, I know this is a buffet event and they probably will end up with a lot of dishes to be washed, but I think presentation of food should still be upheld. The taste and presentation of food is intricately linked, and I think this is not a compromise that should have been made.

Momma Kong's Tangy Spicy Topshells

Momma Kong's Crispy Chicken Chunks

Putting the thought of Sara Lee pound cakes aside, the spicy tangy topshells went very well with our white wine and whisky. The level of spiciness and sourness was well-tuned, and the topshells were of  the right chewy (QQ) texture. The crispy chicken chunks was so crispy that the crumbs were flying everywhere after my first bite- oops. Though the skin was so crispy, the chicken thigh meat still remained juicy and tender. And oh my, the belachan chilli that came with it was just awesome! Did I mention that the belachan is homemade by Momma Kong’s? A heavenly match these two, and would go really well with beer!

Momma Kong's Fried Mantou

Galen shook his head when he saw the two huge golden brown fried mantou, thinking that these huge buns would just take up too much space in his stomach. Boy, he was so wrong because this is so worthy of the space inside your tummy. Momma Kong’s fried mantou is arguably the best fried mantou that we have ever tasted. The mantou tasted so good even on its own. The skin was crispy and buttery, but the insides remained fluffy and soft. It is amazing how they fry food at Momma Kong’s- the tender parts remain tender while the crispy bits are so crispy the crumbs fly everywhere.

Momma Kong's Chilli Crab

The chilli crab came in a microwavable paper box which was disappointing at first sight. However, we were quickly overwhelmed by the spicy sauce and the juicy Sri Lanka crab to notice the box anymore. Many people would hold Jumbo Seafood Restaurant as the yardstick for Singapore-style chilli crab, and I would say Momma Kong’s chilli crab is nothing short of that. The chilli crab sauce was very much akin to that of Jumbo’s- a balanced concoction of spiciness, seafoodiness and egginess. The crab, freshly flown from Sri Lanka daily, was fresh and slipped from the shell easily.

Momma Kong's Black Pepper Crab

Momma Kong’s black pepper crab is not to be missed if you are a great fan of spicy food. The black pepper was shiok- there was a split-second burst of flavour on my tongue- and then my brain told me to go for more, more, more! Galen and I prefer Momma Kong’s black pepper crab to the chilli crab, but the preference was more of a choice between heaven and paradise. If there was one thing that we did not like about Momma Kong’s crabs, it would be that the crabs were not consistent in size. In fact, it seemed like the crabs were getting bigger as the count-down timer ticked closer to the end of the event at 10pm.

Momma Kong's Countdown Timer

We were like the last table (men) standing at 10 minutes 26 seconds to the end of Momma Kong’s Free-Flo MmmMom-Bo Sunday. We had a total of 6 Sri Lanka Crabs, and of course many servings of the side dishes and drinks as there were hardly any carbs lest the fried mantous and french fries. The service staff at Momma Kong’s was extremely attentive- they cleared or refilled items very promptly. Even after we foot the bill and was just slowly taking our time to leave, the staff asked if they could get us another drink or one to bring on the road. Excellent service!

Momma Kong's

I would recommend you to book well in advance as seating is quite limited at Momma Kong’s. This would be the perfect place to catch a soccer match with the truckloads of seafood and alcohol, and an awesome location for a friends’ gathering in a cozy setting. And of course, a good place to bring your special one to, especially if they are seafood crazy and can eat 5 Sri Lanka crabs at a sitting. It would be totally worth it.

Singapore Food Blog Review by Kumory


Momma Kong’s Crab Shack

34 Mosque Street Singapore 059512
5-11pm (Closed on Mondays)


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