Thursday, 6 February 2014

DIY: I Freeze my Love for You

Freeze my LOVE for you

I had been hearing so much about this amazing material that allows all sorts of stencils to be done on any surface. Of course I had to hunt it down, and I was so happy to find the freezer paper at Cold Storage.

The freezer paper came in really handy- I was obsessed with this 'LOVE' symbol by Dirk Bell. And I knew that I had to DIY something for Galen based on it.

Template for Freezer Paper

The original Dirk Bell LOVE symbol is a little thin and so I thickened it. I then traced it onto a sheet of freezer paper.

You can easily cut the freezer paper using a normal scissors or penknife. It took a little patience and effort to straighten the lines and the curves.

Iron the freezer paper with the adhesive side of the freezer paper facing down (the paper side facing up) on whatever material that you'll like your stencil to be on. I chose to have my LOVE stencil on a rectangular cork board. Iron on low heat setting.

I chose white as I wanted to retain the neutral tone of the cork bone. I used a sponge to sponge in the colour to mimic the cork texture.

As tempted as you may be, it is best to leave the stencil to dry overnight before removing the freezer paper. I waited (impatiently) and slowly savoured the moment of peeling the freezer paper off.

DIY: Freezer Paper Stencil on Cork Board

1. Freezer paper (size dependent on the design)
2. Cork Board
3. Iron
4. Poster paint (colour of your choice)
5. Sponge

1. Trace your design onto the freezer paper
2. Cut out your design from the freezer paper
3. Iron the freezer paper (adhesive side down) using low heat
4. Paint the corkboard using the sponge
5. Wait (patiently) for it to dry overnight
6. Peel and present to your love!

I was pleased with the result, and I know that Galen would love it too. Such poignant rendition of the visual poetry, ain't it?

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