Sunday, 9 March 2014

Manbok Korean BBQ & Steamboat Buffet at Chinatown

Manbok Korean BBQ & Steamboat Singapore

Korean BBQ? Steamboat buffet? Put them together and you get a winning formula for throngs of Singaporean foodies. Galen and I were contemplating if we should give Manbok, a newcomer at Chinatown a try, or just to go for the tried-and-tested neighbour a few doors down along New Bridge Road. The coin flip was in favour of Manbok, and we couldn't thank lady luck enough for this incredible find.

Interior of Manbok Korean BBQ Singapore

The interior of Manbok is modern, clean and sleek. The seats are comfortable; the table is at an appropriate height; the airvent is silent but powerful; the air-conditioning cooling. This was very unlike the experience at 2D1N at Tanjong Pagar where you get grease-coated tables and chairs, and at the end of the meal, a grease-coated you. Manbok was pleasant, very pleasant.

Manbok Korean BBQ Buffet Meat Selection

Manbok made Galen and I very happy with its selection of meat for the BBQ. The meat was thawed, no icings or huge chunks still frozen together. There was a wide variety of meat in various marinate. And most importantly, Manbok serves chicken breast- our absolute favourite. To top it off, the chicken breast is marinated with spices that include rosemary and dill. Such fine delight!

Manbok Korean BBQ Chicken Breast & Bacon

Manbok Korean BBQ Buffet Charcoal Grill

Everything sizzled delectably on the grill, that is heated by fire and charcoal. Now, how many Korean BBQ restaurants these days has not taken the shortcut or the cost-cut? The charcoal heated BBQ grill at Manbok greatly enhanced the taste of the meat. The chicken breast was juicy and tender, and not a hint of dryness or hardness. The bacon was bursting with flavour, with a tinge of smokiness. Now, this is exactly the way BBQ should be!

Manbok Korean BBQ Steamboat Buffet Selection

Manbok also serves ingredients for its clam soup steamboat. The clams were an absolute love- sweet and juicy and there are tons more of clams at the buffet table for us to add to the soup. There were also authentic Korean dumplings (mandu) and rice cakes (ddeokbok). Manbok is not certainly not compromising on the variety of its offerings, and the quality of them.

We loved the clam soup so much - it was literally bursting with flavour and freshness. These were just two pots of the many many pots of soup that we had that night. Absolutely heavenly.

Manbok Korean BBQ Salad Bar

There is also a selection of fruits and salads to lighten things up; and also a soda fountain and small tubs of ice-cream to satisfy your sweet tooth after the meal. Everything is well taken care of at Manbok, and everything is done at top-notch quality.

Lady luck led us to this hidden gem off the stretch of shophouses along New Bridge Road at Chinatown and we have never been lucky enough. Manbok Korean BBQ and Steamboat Buffet is our new found fave, and we would prefer this over the numerous Korean BBQ nestled among the shophouses at Tanjong Pagar, anytime. Manbok at Chinatown is indeed like a million blessings for us.

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만복 Manbok Korean BBQ & Steamboat Buffet

277 New Bridge Road Chinatown Singapore
11am- 11pm daily
6557 0939


  1. Thanks for the review. Was in two minds about going to try it out or not. One tiny little thing though. You used the word "hinge" when you actually meant "hint". In any case, I enjoyed your review!

    1. Oh thanks for pointing that out- I've edited it! Hope you'll enjoy your time at Manbok like us, and in fact, we've been back there a couple of times and had never been disappointed!

  2. Hi thanks for the review. Enjoyed it very much. Just to ask how much is it for a dinner ??

  3. We read, we ate and we enjoyed. Thanks for the amazing review and they certainly did not disappoint us.