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Osaka Ohsho at Plaza Singapura

Osaka Ohsho Plaza Singapura

Osaka Ohsho, the King of gyoza in Osaka, is the latest addition to Tokyo Walker at Plaza Singapura. We were there during lunch time one day, and the giant gyoza in front of Osaka Ohsho was way too cute to miss. Of course we had to find out why Osaka Ohsho's gyoza took Japan by storm.

Osaka Ohsho Weekday Lunch Menu

There was a weekday lunch promotion at Osaka Ohsho. Each lunch set comes with Osaka Ohsho's renown gyoza, and free flow of hot or cold tea. Every one of them looked so tantalising!

Osaka Ohsho Classic Tenshin Han

We settled for the classic dish- the Tenshin Han. Japanese rice was lovingly wrapped in a fried omelette with strips of carrot and onion within it. The japanese rice was chewy; and the omelette was browned to the texture that I liked. However, the brown sauce was a little too heavy for our palette. We had to ask for an extra bowl to scoop most of the sauce out. Only then were we able to finish this.

Osaka Ohsho Gyoza

The Tenshin Han set came with 6 pieces of beautifully grilled and browned Gyoza. Osaka Ohsho makes each and every one of their gyoza by hand. Each gyoza is generously filled with cabbage, ginger, garlic and pork. The gyoza skin was crisply chewy, and the insides moist - vegetable was crunchy while the meat was still tender and juicy. Right taste, right texture. It is a no wonder that Osaka Ohsho claim to be the Gyoza specialist!

Osaka Ohsho Spicy Gyokai Ramen

I have been having craving for Japanese ramen lately, and I jumped at the chance of trying the ramen at Osaka Ohsho. However, I was disappointed. The Spicy Gyokai Ramen came with 2 slices of char siew (not 3 as shown in the photos); braised egg (not the usual ajitsuke tamago); and the worst of all, lukewarm soup. I am a strong advocate of having my food served to me piping hot, and I would expect this the most from a fish-based dish. The fishy taste became overwhelming in the lukewarm soup, and I had to add in more Japanese chilli pepper to enhance (cover) the taste.

The only saving grace for the Spicy Gyokai Ramen set was the 3 pieces of nicely grilled gyoza that came with it. Osaka Ohsho is indeed a gyoza specialist- the taste of these gyozas were consistent with the ones that came with the Tenshin Han set.

When someone say that they are a specialist in something, believe them. Osaka Ohsho is known as a gyoza specialist, and indeed, it is where their (only) strength lies.

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Osaka Ohsho Plaza Singapura

Plaza Singapura #04-01 Singapore

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