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Miam Miam at Bugis Junction

Miam Miam Bugis Junction Menu

Miam Miam, "yum yum" in French, is yummy in all aspects. The cover of the menu is already an orgasmic sight- beautiful, beautiful typography. What follows inside is pure food porn. Everything was screaming for our attention, and we were so compelled to have them all!

Miam Miam Menu

At Miam Miam, the visual delight did not just stop at the menu. We were equally wowed when our orders arrived.

Miam Miam Spaghetti

Miam Miam Spaghetti was a fireworks display. The bed of yellow pasta was showered with generous portions of orange frankfurters and bacon; red tomatoes; green spinach and finally, topped with a white runny egg with sprinkles of chilli flakes and sesame seeds by the side. The pasta is tossed with french butter, shoyu and Miam Miam's secret broth. We do not know what went into the secret broth, but we do know that we love it.

Miam Miam Riz Noir Squid Ink Rice

Miam Miam Riz Noir Squid Ink Rice was another pretty sight. Yellow, fluffy omelette blanketing the black squid-inked seafood rice. Both the egg and the seafood went really well together, it was like a perfect match of surf and turf; french and japanese.

Miam Miam Souffle De Nuage

Miam Miam Souffle De Nuage looked really homely, like what Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother would bake for her when she goes to visit. The fluffy cloud of egg and cheese melted in our mouths, and tomato sauteed rice beneath it warmed our hearts. However, this became a little overwhelming after a while, and it was not without difficulty to finish it. For a rice and egg combi, we would prefer the Miam Miam Riz Noir Squid Ink Rice.

Miam Miam French Toast

Miam Miam's French Toast was a chef's recommendation on the menu and we decided to go for it. We were shocked to realise that the white cream on top of the french toast was not ice cream but whipped cream, but all guilt was gone after the first bite. It was simply heavenly. The whipped cream was fluffy and light; melted on the piping hot toasted bread and seeped right through; and went really well with the maple syrup. We wolfed these down in no time - whipped cream and maple syrup and all.

Miam Miam Matcha Smoothie with Red Bean Cream

Miam Miam Matcha Smoothie with Red Bean Cream paled in terms of flavour as compared to the Miam Miam French Toast. The taste of the matcha was not as strong as we liked it to be, and the red bean in the red bean cream was negligible.

Miam Miam Haze/ London Fog

Miam Miam Haze is earl grey tea with steam milk and vanilla syrup. It is also known by its fanciful name, the London Fog. The tea was a tad watered down, and could have been much creamier. It seems like Miam Miam is able to hit the right notes with its food offerings, and not so much for its beverages.

Miam Miam Bugis Junction

Go for the savouries in this French-Japanese/Japanese-French Cafe. The pasta and squid ink rice will definitely make you go "Miam Miam!".

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Miam Miam Bugis Junction

#02-14 Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street Singapore
1130am to 10pm daily

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