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Windowsill Pies at Jalan Besar

Windowsill in the Woods Jalan Besar

Windowsill pies in the woods is crystal clear about their speciality in the cafe scene in Singapore. Not savoury pies, not cakes, not cupcakes, but sweet, lovely pies.

Windowsill in the Woods Jalan Besar Pies

A huge display of tantalising pies greeted us when we entered through the tiny wooden door. It was such a visual delight. Every single piece looked so pretty, so pretty in place on the green grassy patch. I wanted all the flavours! But it was a dangerous proposition, for the prices of the pies were not marked.

Windowsill in the Woods Jalan Besar Grasshopper and Lemon Vodka Pies

The staff at Windowsill Pie was really helpful in telling us the lovely stuff that went into each pie, and she made recommendations according to our liking. We settled for 2 pies out of the 8 available flavours.

Windowsill in the Woods Jalan Besar Coconut Lemon Vodka Pie

The moment I heard "lime vodka", I knew this was the pie for Galen. He loves sour desserts, and what more, with vodka! The Lime Vodka pie is a must-have at Windowsill Pies. There is a right balance of zest and cream, and the texture is well-matched with the cookie crumble at the bottom of the pie. Amidst the lemon cream are hidden gems - vodka infused jelly! Put a lil of it in your mouth and I'm sure that you'll go oomph!

Windowsill in the Woods Jalan Besar Grasshopper Pie

The Grasshopper Pie at Windowsill Pies is another attention grabber with its vibrant mint green cream, and the loads of chocolate cookie crumble on top of it. I would have loved the taste of the mint to be slightly stronger, and the cookie crumble at the bottom to be slightly thicker.

Windowsill in the Woods Jalan Besar Decor
Windowsill in the Woods Interior

Windowsill Pies is like a scene right out of a children's story book. It is almost like the home of the three bears which Goldilocks stumbled upon in the woods. The decoration reminds me of Wimbly Lu, just that Windowsill is like the day version of the Goldilocks story. There are also many interesting drawing and craft books for you to browse in the cafe. For me, they were enough to make up for the lack of free wifi. Now, isn't it the perfect environment for you to pick up a book? You can immediately imagine that you're in the scene of the book already.

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Windowsill Pies in the Woods

78 Horne Road Singapore
11am-930pm (Tues-Thurs); 11am-1030pm (Fri); 10am-1030pm (Sat & Sun)
Closed on Mon

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