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Hong Kong - Australian Dairy Company at Parkes Street, Jordan (欧洲牛奶公司)

Australian Dairy Co Parkes St Jordan Hong Kong

Australian Dairy Co (欧洲牛奶公司) is a popular cha chaan teng (茶餐廳) in Hong Kong, as misleading as the name may sound. Its popularity reigns among both the locals and tourists alike. A long queue formed outside the cafe even on a weekday morning. We had to see/eat/feel for ourselves the secret behind Australian Dairy Co's booming success.

Interior of Australian Dairy Co Parkes St Hong Kong

The tables cleared pretty quickly at Australian Dairy Co and we were quickly whisked to our seat not long after. Of course, that also meant that we had to decide and order fast, eat and drink fast- lest we get some impatient stares by the staff. Afterall, we were in a fast-paced (impatient) city.

Menu at Australian Dairy Co Parkes St Hong Kong

Menus at Hong Kong's cha chaan teng and restaurants can be confusing and daunting- the lists seems to be running on and on, and you are like bombarded with so many options that works against making a choice sometimes. However, zooming into the set meals and specialities offered by the eatery will never be wrong. Those must be the good stuff right? That was exactly what we did at Australian Dairy Co - we quickly picked the standard breakfast set when we sensed that the waiter was getting impatient.

Scrambled Eggs at Australian Dairy Co Parkes St Hong Kong

This is the bomb at Australian Dairy Co. My eyes widened after the first mouth- the scrambled egg was fluffy, rich and very well flavoured. This was very unlike the normal scrambled eggs that we've eaten anywhere (the ones at Honolulu Coffee Shop paled so much in comparison), I don't think our mothers would be able to achieve this standard as well (oops). Like I always think, it's the simplest dish that is the hardest to handle. Australian Dairy Co's scrambled egg is like fluffy yellow clouds that is so light yet impactful at the same time. Simply awesome!

Ham Macaroni Soup at Australian Dairy Co Parkes St Hong Kong

Australian Dairy Co may just the expert in making the simplest things memorable. The ham macaroni soup may look like a plain jane but it was packed with goodness. The macaroni was chewy and not overcooked; the soup was clear and homely. Such comfort food Australian Dairy Co is able to offer.

Milk Tea at Australian Dairy Co Parkes St Hong Kong

The breakfast set also consist of a hot beverage on top of the buttered toast, scrambled eggs and ham macaroni soup. Since this is Hong Kong, we had to give the HK milk tea at Australian Dairy Co a try. The milk tea in Hong Kong does not come with sugar so we could add according to our fancy. The milk tea was very fragrant, and the texture smooth. However, we felt that the milk tea could have been thicker.

Almond steamed egg at Australian Dairy Co Parkes St Jordan

We had the almond steamed egg for dessert, also a recommended dish at Australian Dairy Co. The steamed egg was in a lovely shade of yellow- all bright and cheery. The texture was really smooth and creamy, but the almond taste could have been stronger.

Milk at Australian Dairy Co Parkes St Jordan

It was easy to tell why Australian Dairy Co commanded such long queues in front of its humble stall at Parkes Street. They are able to turn the most ordinary dishes of eggs and macaroni into something some homely and memorable. Do remember to grab their fresh milk on your way out- they are a dairy company to begin with. Rich, creamy and pure- such simple goodness.

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Australian Dairy Company 欧洲牛奶公司

47-49 Parkes Street
Jordan Kowloon Hong Kong
7am to 1130pm daily (closed on Thurs)

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