Sunday 20 April 2014

Hong Kong - Mui Kee Congee at Fa Yuen St Market, Mongkok (妹記生滾粥品)

Mui Kee Congee Fa Yuen St Market Mongkok HK

Not unfamiliar to Singaporeans is the concept of a hawker center- many independent food stalls are housed in the same complex and seats are free for all regardless of the stall you patronize. We were pleased to find such an establishment at Fa Yuen Street in Hong Kong, and even more pleased to join the crowd gathered at the fourth storey of the market. Everyone, amidst the buzz of the place, was cuddled around a bowl of hot, steamy congee from Mui Kee Congee.

Menu at Mui Kee Congee Fa Yuen St Market HK

Mui Kee Congee is located on the fourth storey of the Fa Yuen Street Market. The first two levels are for fresh produce, the third for cooked food. Mui Kee Congee offers many combination of meat and seafood in its thick, white congee, freshly prepared only upon your order. Menu comes in English and Japanese too, but the crowd at Mui Kee was definitely not just tourists. Locals were also here for their breakfast- the working class, the retirees with the newspapers- and we were sharing table with an OL and an elderly couple.

Pig Visceral Congee at Mui Kee Congee Mongkok HK

We had the pork visceral congee that was recommended by the stall owner. The congee was a beautiful, pure white paste- we could not longer see the rice grains in it. The texture of the congee at Mui Kee was very, very smooth and the taste was amazing. Mui Kee was very generous with the ingredients used in the congee. The pork liver and meatballs were among the nicest we have ever tasted in pork visceral congee or soup. The pork liver was still crunchy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside, and the meatballs had the right proportion of lean meat and fats in it, and was very well-marinated. If pork visceral is not the thing for you, then the pork meatball congee at Mui Kee is a must-try.

Fried Dough You Tiao At Mui Kee Congee HK

What is congee without some youtiao (fried dough stick)? These crispy little things were amazing with the hot steamy congee. We would have loved the youtiao to be a little more crispy and less dough-y in the middle.

Congee at Mui Kee Congee Fa Yuen St Market Mongkok HK

The portions at Mui Kee was generous but so hearty and yummy that it did not stop the elderly couple sitting opposite us to order a third bowl to share among themselves. Mui Kee was a delight to both locals and us alike, and Mui Kee warmed both our tummies and our hearts.

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Mui Kee Congee (妹記生滾粥品)

4/F Fa Yuen Street Market
Mongkok Hong Kong
7am to 3pm daily

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