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Hong Kong - Honolulu Coffee Shop at Hennessey Road, Wan Chai (檀島咖啡餅)

Honolulu Coffee Shop Hennessey Road Wan Chai Hong Kong

Honolulu Coffee Shop at Hennessey Road Wan Chai 檀島咖啡餅

Now, with a name like this, you can't possibly not have your interest piqued. Honolulu Coffee Shop is not in Hawaii, but it is actually a popular (cha chaan teng) in Hong Kong. The crowds in the cafe attested to it, and we actually saw Hong Kong supermodel, Qiqi taking away from Honolulu. We were curious what was in her bag, I mean, what do supermodels eat? Apparently, they have appetite for good food too.

Honolulu Coffee Shop Wan Chai Interior

Sights inside Honolulu Coffee Shop was not unfamiliar - long list of food items slipped underneath the glass on the table; daily specials on special stands or plastered all over the wall; handwritten order slips and of course, sharing a table with other patrons. We are not complaining here - the gentleman beside us was so stylo it was as if he was posing for Hong Kong Vogue or something. Love the fierceness in his stance.

Honolulu Coffee Shop Wan Chai Breakfast Set

We ordered a breakfast set similar to the outstanding one that we had at Australian Dairy Company as we wanted a comparison. The breakfast at Honolulu consisted of scrambled eggs with bun, spaghetti soup with luncheon meat and a cup of Hong Kong milk tea.

Honolulu Coffee Shop Hong Kong Scrambled Egg

The scrambled egg at Honolulu was a tad oily, and too bland for our liking. This paled in comparison to the scrambled egg that we had at Australian Dairy Company that was fluffy and savoury. The bun at Honolulu was also ordinary and nothing really worth mentioning.

Honolulu Coffee Shop Hong Kong Spaghetti Soup with Luncheon Meat

Honolulu had a slight advantage here as I preferred spaghetti to macaroni which was what Australian Dairy Company used. The texture of the spaghetti was good, however, the soup was too bland and almost tasteless. The saving grace for this was the pan fried luncheon meat that added to the overall flavour and fragrance. We liked the luncheon meat in the soup pasta better than the ham strips at Australian Dairy Company.

Honolulu Coffee Shop Hong Kong Egg Tart

The egg tart at Honolulu Coffee Shop won our hearts over. It was a heaven sent, especially right after the very ordinary breakfast set. The egg tart at Honolulu Coffee Shop was served to us piping hot. The crust, still smokin', was flaky and slightly savoury. The custard was a smooth pudding that was sweet and eggy. The contrasting texture and taste of the crust and the custard was truly amazing. Now, we were pretty sure that there was probably a dozen of these egg tarts in the bag that Qiqi had for her takeaway.

Honolulu Coffee Shop Wan Chai Bakery

You could probably skip the savouries here at Honolulu Coffee Shop and just indulge in the sweet snacks that they have in their bakery section. The egg tarts here are definitely a must amidst the other beautiful pastries here. The lady at the bakery section told us that the egg tarts could be stored up to 2 days if they are kept refrigerated. Now, you know how and when to plan your trip down to Honolulu Coffee Shop so that your loved ones back at home will also be able to enjoy the flaky and sweet goodies.



Honolulu Coffee Shop (檀島咖啡餅)

176 Hennessey Road
Wan Chai Hong Kong
6am to 12am daily

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