Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hong Kong - Sun King Kee Noodles at Gage Street, Central (新景記粉面家)

Sun King Kee Noodles Central Hong Kong

I love all things original and nostalgic, and the floor tiles in front of Sun King Kee Noodles at Gage Street in Central Hong Kong was what caught my attention. They were in beautiful shades of pastel and intricate designs. Next thing that caught my eye was the numerous celebrities photos and article features. We knew we had to give Sun King Kee a try.

Sun King Kee Noodles Central Hong Kong Menu

The beautiful tiles, celebrities photos and news articles continued inside the shop. What I loved next about the shop was the red and white handwritten menu plastered on the pastel green wall. So much feel!

Sun King Kee Noodles Central Hong Kong Interior

And the feel just did not stop at the walls. It continued on to the ground, and to the furniture used at Sun King Kee. It seemed like we were right at the set of a 1960s retro show.

Sun King Kee Noodles Central Hong Kong Mixed Seafood Soup

Sun King Kee prides themselves on handmaking their balls and dumplings from seafood. They serve fish balls, sotong balls and fish dumplings made right in their humble kitchen. We ordered the soup with all their handmade goodies, and we were absolutely blown away. The fish balls and sotong balls were very solid, and we could taste the freshness of the seafood used. The ultimate bomb at Sun King Kee for us was the fish dumpling. In fact they were so good that we ordered a second bowl of soup- this time, just the fish dumplings.

Sun King Kee Noodles Central Hong Kong Fish Dumpling Soup

Served in a gorgeous porcelain bowl, this bowl of fish dumpling soup totally owned it. The fish dumpling skin was very crunchy, and its translucent colour revealed the minced fish meat that was lovingly hand-wrapped in it.

Sun King Kee Noodles Central Hong Kong Fish Dumpling

The minced fish meat in the fish dumpling was very well marinated while still retaining the freshness of the seafood. The juice from the fish meat was still locked within the dumpling, and boy, it was so savoury and so fragrant I would never forget the taste.

There are skeptics who would skip an eatery because there are too many (gimmicky) celebrities photos or when the place seems like it was last renovated in the 1960s. These are the people who will miss out the true treasures here at Sun King Kee. Not only the interior is preserved since the opening of the shop, the quality of the food is also thoroughly preserved until today. You can be rest assured that you are going to get nothing but originality, freshness and quality at Sun King Kee. Go ahead and try, you will be blown away like we did.



Sun King Kee Noodles (新景記粉面家)

7 Gage Street/ 12 Queen Victoria Street (after relocation)
Central Hong Kong
9am to 8pm daily

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