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Hong Kong - Teakha at Tai Ping Shan Road, Sheung Wan (茶。家)

Teakha Sheung Wan HK

We were in need of a place to slow things down a little. The traffic, the crowds, the incessant rush of everything in Hong Kong was getting a little too intense. We found our little piece of heaven at Teakha in Sheung Wan, where we spent a slow, quiet morning.

Teakha Counter Hong Kong

Teakha Hong Kong Merchandise

Teakha has a very smart and efficient way of using its space. The small space contained a kitchen, a cake display, a cash register, a bar counter, a few tables and a rack full of quaint merchandise for sale. I loved how the mint walls and the fresh yellow flowers added a pop and instantly brightened up the entire place.

Teakha Sheung Wan Hong Kong

Teakha Hong Kong Alfresco Area

Fret not if you are unable to get a table amidst the mint and yellow. Another paradise awaits just outside. There are plenty of seats outdoors, and the setting is simply charming. Wooden crates as chairs, tree trunks as tables, and plenty of rugs and cushions that makes lounging absolutely comfortable.

As its name suggest, Teakha serves tea. Tea which are prepared à la minute, handcooked to perfection. The selection of tea are pretty exquisite and every item sounded so tantalizing. And of course, they came with hefty price tags. The average price of a cup of tea here at Teakha was around HKD 40 (around SGD 7). Hefty indeed.

However, it was something we were willing to pay for the exquisiteness of the atmosphere and the food at Teakha. The food was presented to us in the prettiest manner, and we were all soaked in the contagious charm of the place.

Teakha Sheung Wan Hong Kong Masala Snow Tea

The Masala Snow Tea at Teakha was a beautiful creation. The froth milk formed the beautiful snow cap, and the kumquat peel, dried hibiscus and cinnamon poweder added lovely warm colours to it. The tea was velvet-smooth, with the right hint of masala spice followed by the fluffy milky aftertaste. We were on cloud nine.

Teakha Sheung Wan Hong Kong Green Tea Mousse Cake

The Teakha green tea mousse cake was another feast for our eyes when it was set on our table. The matcha green of the cake nicely contrasted with the blue and white of the porcelain plate. It was more than a feast for our eyes, but for our tummies as well. The green tea taste was rich, and the mousse so smooth and creamy. The crust was buttery and slightly savoury, and went perfectly well with the velvet mousse. A must try when you are at Teakha.

Teakha Sheung Wan Hong Kong Outdoor Seats

Teakha is truly a hidden gem amidst the buzz and chaos of downtown Hong Kong island. This back alley cafe offers an escape, a real charming one. The entire experience is completed with amazing tea creation and delectable cakes that would leave you out of this world. Be mesmerized.



Teakha (茶。家)

18 Tai Ping Shan Road Shop B
Sheung Wan Hong Kong
11am to 7pm daily (closed on Monday)

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