Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Hong Kong - Top 5 Hong Kong-style Milk Tea

Apart from being synonymous with Dim Sum (we found some pretty awesome ones at Lin Heung Tea House), Hong Kong is also known for her 'silk stocking' milk tea (絲襪奶茶). Black tea is put in a sackcloth bag before hot water is added to brew the tea, and it is the sackcloth bag that results in a smooth texture and a richer taste. Milk tea is a popular drink in Hong Kong, and can be found at the dining table be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here, we list our top 5 favourite milk tea in Hong Kong:

1. Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園)

2 Gage Street Central Hong Kong
8am to 8pm daily (except Sunday)
MTR Central Exit D2

Lan Fong Yuen Hong Kong-style Milk Tea

2. Tsui Wah Restaurant (翠華餐廳)

15 Wellington Street Central Hongkong
Open 24 hours
MTR Central Exit D2

Tsui Wah Restaurant Hong Kong-style Milk Tea

3. Kum Wah Cafe (金華冰聽)

47 Bute Street Mongkok Hong Kong
630am- 12am daily
MTR Mongkok Exit B3

Kum Wah Cafe Hong Kong-style Milk Tea

4. Australian Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司)

47-49 Parkes Street Jordan Hong Kong
7am to 1130pm daily (closed on Thurs)
MTR Jordan Exit C2
Also try: Scrambled eggs, steamed egg pudding

Australian Dairy Company Hong Kong-style Milk Tea

5. Honolulu Coffee Shop (檀島咖啡餅)

176 Hennessey Road Wan Chai Hong Kong

6am to 12am daily
MTR Wan Chai Exit A4
Also try: Egg tarts

Honolulu Coffee Shop Hong Kong-style Milk Tea

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