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Hong Kong - Tsui Wah Restaurant at Wellington Street, Central (翠華餐廳)

Tsui Wah Restaurant Wellington Street Central HK

Right across from the glitz and glamour of Yung Kee Restaurant at Wellington Street, Central is another restaurant with a sprawling signboard that you simply cannot miss- Tsui Wah Restaurant. We headed there for a (light) snack after the roasted goose at Yung Kee.

Tsui Wah Restaurant Wellington Street Interior

The interior of Tsui Wah Restaurant reminds me of the diners in the United States. I imagine if Sam and Dean from Supernatural were hunting in Hong Kong, they would be making pit stops and grabbing their meals here. Tsui Wah has branches throughout the island, many of which are opened 24 hours daily, and they even do home delivery.

Tsui Wah Restaurant Hong Kong

We were still full from the awesome roasted goose from Yung Kee, but we wanted something sweet after the meal. There is always space for desserts right? What more, the legendary Tsui Wah crispy bun served with condensed milk was just right across the street! We had to get it.

Tsui Wah Hong Kong crispy bun with condensed milk

Tsui Wah did not disappoint our sweet palates. The crispy bun served with condensed milk was indeed both crispy and sweet. Though the dish sounds nothing out of the ordinary, it is exactly the simplicity of this dish that makes it so special.

Tsui Wah Restaurant Hong Kong Milk Tea

The milk tea at Tsui Wah was served in a pretty porcelain cup that I absolutely adored. It instantly made me feel elated and the milk tea made me over the moon. The milk tea was fragrant and smooth, and not a hint of roughness. It was rich and creamy and so satisfying. I was sad to hear that their signature tea cups are not for sale - Tsui Wah should really consider selling them, I am sure it will rake in another fortune for them.

Here are the two things that you simply cannot miss and are a must-eat when you are at Tsui Wah.  The simple cripsy bun with condensed milk and the authentic Hong Kong styled milk tea would definitely capture both your heart and stomach.



Tsui Wah Restaurant (翠華餐廳)

15 Wellington Street
Central Hong Kong
Open 24 hours daily

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