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Hong Kong - Mak An Kee Chung Kee Noodles at Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan (麥奀記忠記麵家)

Man An Kee Chung Kee Noodles Des Voeux Road Central

Mak An Kee is a traditional family business specializing in wanton noodles in Central, Hong Kong. Chung Kee at Des Voeux Road is opened by the elder son of the founder. Thus, the humble eatery nestled behind push carts along the road bears the long name of Man An Kee Chung Kee Noodles.

Mak An Kee Chung Kee Noodles HK Interior

It was around lunch time and we saw the office crowds streaming in and taking away from Chung Kee. An employee was wrapping the wantons at the back of the eatery. Everyone was quiet - the patrons concentrating on getting their tummies filled, the employee on getting the wantons filled.

Mak An Kee Chung Kee Noodles Menu

The noodles at Mak An Kee Chung Kee noodles was not cheap - a bowl of wanton noodles cost HKD48, which is almost SGD8. Even by the standards in Hong Kong, this was rather expensive. Comparatively, the wanton noodles which we had at Mak Man Kee Noodles (麥文記) in Jordan was only HKD32 (SGD5).

Mak An Kee Chung Kee Noodles Wanton Soup

We were still full from our satisfying brunch at Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園) so we ordered a bowl of wanton soup, minus the noodles. There were about 10 to 12 wantons in the soup, so I guess the hefty price of HKD42 was justified.

Mak An Kee Chung Kee Noodles Wanton

The dumpling skin was not too thick, and immediately scored points for me. The skin was soft and silky, and did not forbid me from getting to the fillings immediately. The filling was a generous portion consisting of fresh prawns, well marinated minced pork and crunchy black fungus strips. They were very hearty, and an excellent contender to the large wantons that we had at Mak Man Kee.

Perhaps it was the rental on Hong Kong island, or the power of their brand name that led to the hefty price tag on the food here at Mak An Kee Chung Kee. However, they did not scrimp on the quantity of the fillings, or the quality of the ingredients used. They do not open for dinners though, so if you are craving for wanton noodles at night, you would have to make a trip to Jordan and satisfy it at Mak Man Kee instead.



Mak An Kee Chung Kee Noodles 麥奀記忠記麵家 

37 Des Voeux Road
Sheung Wan Hong Kong
8am to 7pm daily
MTR Sheung Wan Exit E2

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  1. I've been there. I was wandering down Des Voeux road looking for a McD's when I smelled this place. Reminded me of Mak's Noodle in Central. Now I know why!