Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hong Kong - Yung Kee Restaurant at Wellington Street, Central (庸記酒家)

Yung Kee Restaurant Wellington St Central Hong Kong

With its golden-metallic facade, you know that Yung Kee Restaurant (庸記酒家) means serious business. Located along Wellington Street in Central Hong Kong, Yung Kee boasts a three-storey seating capacity, and many accolades under its belt.

Yung Kee Restaurant Hong Kong Menu

Glossing the cover of Yung Kee's menu is the very reason why we were there- roasted goose (燒鵝). Yung Kee has won numerous awards for its roasted goose, and we were there to find out for ourselves if the hype was all for real.

Yung Kee Restaurant Hong Kong Roasted Goose

We ordered a small portion of the roasted goose and were surprised at the generosity of the serving at Yung Kee Restaurant. The roasted goose was in a beautiful shade of brown and glistening in the sauce. The roasted goose was served with sour plum sauce.

Yung Kee Restaurant Hong Kong Roasted Goose Meat

The skin of the roasted goose was in a perfect crisp, yet still remained juicy. Under the crispy skin was a proportionate balance of fats and meat. The fats were almost in a molten state, held in place by the skin and the meat which was very tender and juicy. All three worked in a lethal combination that made us reach for seconds almost immediately. To us, it was simply lip-smacking, and not a hint of guilt at all.

We overheard patrons who wanted to air-pack the roasted goose for a flight and reckoned that they were tourists who couldn't wait for their loved ones to have a try of Yung Kee's roasted goose. It was indeed worth the hype and the accolades, and you have to try it to believe that a simple dish like this could take our breath away. Yung Kee definitely has to be a pit-stop when you are in Hong Kong.



Yung Kee Restaurant (庸記酒家)

32 Wellington Street
Central Hong Kong
11am to 11pm daily

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