Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hong Kong - Sing Kee Dai Pai Dong at Stanley Street, Central (盛記大排檔)

Sing Kee Dai Pai Dong Stanley Street, Central HK

We were intrigued by the glowing light and ascending steam in a distance that we walked towards this part of Stanley Street at Central, Hong Kong. We were very pleased to see this spot along a dark alley teeming with life: sounds of chatter, woks and utensils. We had to be part of this action at Sing Kee Dai Pai Dong.

Sing Kee Dai Pai Dong Stanley Street HK Menu

Dai Pai Dongs are tze char stalls, by the road side. They are pretty amazing - the tiny stall is some sort of a transformer. A small space can be quickly converted into a kitchen, a preparation area, a serving station, a washing area and have enough to serve 10 to 20 tables. Their offerings are extensive too - the menu at Sing Kee was on two A4 paper and they serve the full selection of vegetables, meat and seafood.

Sing Kee Dai Pai Dong Stanley Street HK Stir Fried Tofu

We wanted something simple to taste the wok hei, which is the essence of all dai pai dongs, isn't it? We ordered the stir fried tofu at Sing Kee, which came glistening brown with chives and meat slices.

Sing Kee Dai Pai Dong Stanley Street Central Stir Fried Tofu

The tofu were sliced before stir frying, giving each piece a nice golden brown colour on both sides. The wok hei was abundant, and we weren't even mad that some of the tofu pieces were charred because they were so fragrant. The tofu skin, though soaked with the goodness of the sauce, was still crispy and the insides remained so soft. The meat was well-marinated and tender, while the fried chives gave an extra omph to this simple dish at Sing Kee.

Sing Kee Dai Pai Dong Stanley Street Central Stir Fried Clams

We wanted to taste the freshness of the ingredients used at Sing Kee and ordered the stir fried clams. Many may shudder at the thought of eating seafood at a roadside stall, but we were game for it. We felt that the ingredients that we have experienced at Hong Kong had been nothing but top-notch fresh so far.

Sing Kee Dai Pai Dong Stanley Street Central Stir Fried Lala

Sing Kee did not disappoint us. The clams were uber fresh - big, juicy and chewy. The sauce was full of wok hei, and I loved the stir fried onions especially. Such simple goodness.

Sing Kee Dai Pai Dong Stanley Street Central Hong Kong

The action and chatter at the roadside stall at Stanley Street continued into the night. There were still bouts of people waiting for their food and waiting for seats after we have polished the two dishes off. The experience of having tze char by the road is definitely something not to be missed when you are in Hong Kong and catch it - quick. Sing Kee could be your best bet in this disappearing scene here in Hong Kong.



Sing Kee Dai Pai Dong (盛記大排檔)

82 Stanley Street
Central Hong Kong
5pm to 11pm daily

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